This Program Creates

A brand new innovative offering takes the traditional model and flips it on its head. It is a continuous Livestream of engaging health programming. It runs Monday through Friday so your employees can pop in any time they like and engage in live inspirational content. We designed this to make your life easier.

A Consistent Presence

We deliver story-based sessions that are enjoyable and fun to watch. Save the PowerPoints for the meeting room. Our live content is relatable, action packed and educational.

Freedom of Choice

Each employee will have the freedom of What to watch, When to watch, and Where to watch.

Engage all Employees

Our goal is to have your employees fully engaged 24/7 to ensure they get the right experience.

Check our Content

Our Employee Wellness Content consists of a variety of different options meant to make your employees experience easier.

Weekly webinars, workshops, & Classes

The Employee Wellness Channel features a variety of topics that will engage and inform your employees and their families.

Live – Every Weekday

Each day of the week their will be a different webinar available to your employees to watch and listen to.

Recordings – Available Anytime

Every single session and webinar will be recorded and placed on a page for employees to reference at any time.

Wellness, Wellbeing, Health, & Family Fun

This wellness channel isn't just meant for the employee, the channel also will benefit the employees family of all ages..

Custom Content Available

From custom webinars to a custom portal. We are create and alter all things to your companies liking to ensure your employees get the virtual experience they deserve.

Health Coaching Sessions with a Personal Touch

A wellness program isn't complete without connecting with employees individually. Many of us need some one-on-one help and guidance in order to navigate life's obstacles and achieve our health and wellness goals

With our boutique coaching, we offer the same level of service as we do with our private coaching. The employees will receive customized health coaching and holistic health planning based on their specific circumstances. We develop our plans from scratch in order to provide the highest quality service.

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